Flowering Eucalypts Report

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Bees in Red Flowering Gum

Bees working in Red Flowering Gum

As of late January 2012, there a several species of flowering eucalypts that our bees are working.  North of the Divide, Yellow Box (Eucalyptus melliodora) is still flowering heavily and has been going since late November.  Red Stringybark (E. macrorhyncha) is well budded and due to start flowering any day now, this tree provides good pollen and nectar for the bees. Candlebark (E. rubida) has commenced flowering and provides good pollen for the bees and a clear honey similar to Manna Gum (E. viminalis).  Grey Box (E. microcarpa) is now showing good budding for autumn flowering.

Beetles in Red Flowering Gum

South of the Divide, our bees are presently working Messmate Stringybark (E. obliqua) and the start of the Silverleaf Stringybark (E. cephalocarpa) flowering which should last through autumn along with the autumn flowering Swamp Gum (E. ovate) which is well budded at present.

Planted ornamental trees are also flowering – in parks and gardens, you will see Red Flowering Gum (Corymbia ficifolia formerly Eucalyptus ficifolia) is in full flower and, as well as looking great, nectar loving insects and birds are going for it.