Pollination – beehives for hire

We have beehives for hire to pollinate any fruit trees or crops that need bees to increase yields and seed set.  We are willing to spread our hives evenly throughout the orchard to ensure maximum coverage of flowers by the bees unlike some apiarists who sit the hives on pallets at either end of the orchard.

Please contact us to find out more, and speak with Alf about the hive density required and a no obligation quote.   If he can’t get some bees to you, he might well know someone who can.

Some hive densities as hives per hectare for crops:

Almonds – 5 to 8 hives.
Apples – 3 to 5 hives.
Avocado – 2 to 7 hives.
Blackberry – 2 to 3 hives.
Blueberry – 5 to 8 hives.
Cherry – 3 hives.
Kiwi fruit – 8 hives.
Pears – 2 to 3 hives.
Plums – 2 to 4 hives.
Raspberry – 2 to 4 hives.

Flying bee carrying pollen

Flying bee carrying pollen