What is organic raw honey?

So what exactly is organic honey?

Organic honey is produced by bees from hives situated in isolated, pristine eucalyptus forests. Bees fly up to 5 kilometres in radius from their hives and must not be able to access any crops or orchards which have been sprayed with pesticides or fertilized with non organic chemicals.

The siting of the hives is important to avoid genetically modified crops and to ensure that any chemicals in the nectar that bees collect from the flowers does not contaminate the honey.

Organic honey is not heated when it is extracted so the enzymes the bees add to nectar in their honey stomach are not denatured.  Honey that has been heated to extreme temperatures, such as honey contained in squeeze packs, remains runny however all the beneficial nutrients have been destroyed in the heating process.

Therefore, cold-extracted honey such as ours, contains many naturally occurring enzymes and will candy in the cooler months of the year.  This is a natural process for raw honey and does not suggest that the honey has passed a used-by date.  To soften the honey to your desired consistency, simply place the jar in some hot water and stir or place on a low setting in the microwave for a few minutes.

In raw organic honey, pollens are not filtered out, along with propolis and natural substances that the bees collect.  Eating raw organic honey allows you to digest many nutritious and useful ingredients from the natural world that are only able to be collected by the honeybee.  Also, the nectar collected by bees varies depending on the types of trees in season and provides for different tasting honeys if they are not blended.

You can be assured that the honey we sell comes from our own beehives, is not blended and is 100% organic.

You can buy organic honey from VicHoney online.  Our bees make the delicious organic honey which we eat every day – we’d love to share it with you in our Honey Shop!