Late summer flowering report

Alf Brugman Beekeeping Blog, Flowering report

As of the second half of February, our bees are working many species in both northern and southern Victoria. Hives in both areas have excellent brood and good populations of bees, so that if the flowers yield nectar, there should be good honey yields.
In the northern country the Grey box(Eucalyptus microcarpa) is well budded and flowering has just commenced and the parasitic Drooping Mistletoe(Amyema pendulum) is flowering and yielding valuable pollen to maintain populations.
In West Gippsland, our bees are working Mountain Grey Gum( Eucalyptus cypellocarpa) which is still flowering heavily and Manna Gum(E.viminalis), Swamp Gum(E.ovata) and Silverleaf Stringybark(E.cephalocarpa) as well as Brown Stringybark(E.baxteri).
It is important that beekeepers are aware of the many species that their bees are working at all times of the year. This enables beekeepers to be aware of the pollens and nectars available to be gathered by their bees.