Beekeeping Lessons for Beginners

Sharon Livesey Beekeeping Blog

Students searching for signs of brood

On the 7th January, 2012, we conducted our first beekeeping lesson for beginners.  Our students were very enthusiastic and the day seemed to fly by.

The weather held out and it was almost perfect conditions for opening up the hives in the afternoon after a pleasant lunch.  Our students, to their delight, viewed brood in many stages and spotted the queen numerous times.  Our hives were all in good condition (most have been re-queened) however because of the inclement weather over December/early Jan, we discovered that almost all of them required feeding.  All in all, it was a really successful and enjoyable day.

One student, Susie, is an avid blogger and wrote about her day with us and has kindly shared her experience.  To see Susie’s thoughts you can visit her blog.