Worst honey season ever.

Alf Brugman Beekeeping Blog

The honey drought in Victoria has affected our apiary like most beekeeping operations this season. None of our sites anywhere in the state have  honey. The hives up north on grey box had to be brought back down south and fed sugar to save them from starving and we are feeding sugar at all sites and all hives. Our main job from now until next spring will be to keep our bee colonies alive and as strong as possible. It is amazing how much sugar a colony will go through in a couple of weeks. We placed a couple of kilos of solid white sugar under the hive lid and on top of the hive mat and found it was all used up in two weeks. We are constantly topping them up and will have to do so formonths. The good news for next season is that red gum, yellow gum and yellow box are budding up for possible flowering  north of the divide andMessmate south of the divide.