Patersons Curse honey.

Alf Brugman Beekeeping Blog

An article has been published in the daily papers today which describes Australian supermarket honeys as being blended with Patersons curse honey that is harmful to people’s health. It is true that this did occur in the past and is an unfortunate thing that the big companies do to produce a honey that is uniform in colour and what they think the public wants. The reality is that Patersons curse has been largely eradicated in Australia by release of a biological control agent that has worked very well.
Supermarket honey still contains blended and overly heated honey but is not blended with Patersons curse honey. These articles are based on out of date research and so are misleading and potentially harmful to the local industry.
Our honey is never blended with any other honey and basically what comes out of the hive is what goes into the jar. We site our beehives in forests of native eucalyptus trees and are careful to avoid any contaminated areas.