Inadequate standards

Alf Brugman Beekeeping Blog

I received a phone call last week from a man from country Victoria who stated that he wanted to ask a few questions about organic honey. He said he bought a jar of certified organic honey for a premium price from the health food shop in his town and was shocked to find,in small print at the bottom of the label, a statement that said that: This product may contain traces of nuts!!
He said that he is allergic to peanuts and therefore could not possibly eat the honey. He also said that he originally lived in Oregon U.S.A and that standards for organic foods there are very strict and this sort of thing would never be allowed there. He stated that he believed that organic standards are inadequate in Australia and asked to buy some organic honey directly from the beekeeper.
The problem here is that packers are allowed to be certified organic and buy in honey to pour into their own jars using equipment that has been tainted by other products.
It is probably best to buy your honey from beekeepers who harvest the honey from their own hives.