Beginner Beekeeping Lessons – one day beekeeping course

Students on beekeeping lesson with Alf

Experience a one day beekeeping course for beginners with Alf and Sharon who have 40 years experience handling bees and producing honey in Victoria.

Dates (2017) :

Saturday November 11, 2017.

Saturday November 25, 2017.

Saturday December 9, 2017.

Further lessons arranged in response to demand – please contact us if you are interested.

We provide Gift Certificates for future lessons if required.

This course is only available in the warmer parts of the year as it involves direct observation of the bees by opening up beehives at our apiary here in Upper Beaconsfield.  Bees are very sensitive to weather conditions and hives should only be opened on warm, sunny days to avoid disrupting the temperature control of the hive.

10am – 12 noon:   A presentation by the beekeepers and display of all essential beekeeping equipment

12 noon – 1pm:     Lunch provided – sandwiches and a cuppa

1pm – 3pm:  Direct observation and opening of beehives which will include:

  • demonstration of the correct method of opening a hive and use of protective clothing
  • use of the smoker and hive tool
  • examining brood and honey frames and finding the queen bee.  We provide a unique opportunity to observe the main races of queen bees available in Australia (Italians, Caucasians and Carniolans) in the same apiary
  • protective clothing will be provided unless you wish to bring your own and students will be required to sign a disclaimer indicating that they are not allergic to (possible) bee stings

There will be a maximum of six students per lesson.  The course content will include:

  • description and display of equipment required to set up your own hive
  • a short history of the Langstroth hive and the significance of the bee space
  • the biology of the honeybee including a description of the castes and life cycle of the bee
  • description of the main races of the honeybee available in Australia and their characteristics
  • a description of the biology of the flower and its relevance to the honeybee
  • description of the causes and practical methods of prevention of swarming
  • a description of bee pests and diseases, their symptoms and prevention
  • details of communication among honeybees in the hive
  • discussion of the issues that arise in the keeping of bees in a suburban backyard and the Apiary Code of Practice
  • registration requirements and food safety issues

The course cost is $200 and a non-refundable deposit of $50 will be payable to secure your booking.  The balance of $150 will be payable one month before the course date.  We will contact you at that time.

You can read a participant’s review of our course at her blog.  If you are interested in attending a course, please contact Anna and nominate your preferred date.